From Janitor to Business Owner

Dream a better dream and work to make them real.

This is something that I’ve learned from my CPA friend, Karla Herrera, The Summa Cum Laude of our batch. She would always remind me to work for my dream.


When I went to Baler last March, my goal is to learn from people that I will meet along the way. I have this eagerness to know and tell their story.

received_16885644378560431511440390.jpegHowever, I had a big problem. I left all my clothes at Manila and I was not able to bring one.

Until IĀ found Baler souvenir shirts, right in front of probably the best resort in Baler: Costa Pacifica.


Being my usual self, I ask the owner Mike about his story and how did he came up with a business (that solved my problem). I was so inspired when He said that he was previously a Janitor of the said resort.


Let’s talk about, D R E A M I N G.

I’m nothing against Janitors, they have a noble profession and I salute them. I’m just so amazed on how he was able to establish his own business at the age of 23, without a college degree and working as a Janitor.


That’s something else.

He started selling few shirts for a very affordable amount. Then he eventually grew to 500 pcs shirt orders and now he is selling 3000 pcs shirt in just a span of 3 years in the business.

Mike shared that it was hard at first since he has no capital but then he had a vision. He saw something that no one else saw before.

A souvenir shop at the famous Baler.

Mr. Will is right after all, Capital is just a tool in the business, it is not the main thing. Click here for my interview with him

Here are my three takeaways from my Interview with Mike

1. Never be afraid to share where you came from

When success gets in your head, sometimes it’s hard for us to remember where we came from. Mike, through pointing his fingers to the resort in front of his business proudly told me,

Dati akong Janitor dyan (referring to Costa Pacifica)

2. Start Small, End Big

Never be afraid to start. It might be really hard to start but remember, you can never go to where you want to be if you remain in the same place.

As they say, the richest place in the world are in the cemetery, for in that place lies the best ideas that never happened. Don’t include yourself in that list.

3. Dream bigger

Cliche as it may seem but Mike just proved to us that Dreaming big pays off. He did not settle to where He is, He worked hard for what he wants to achieve and he eventually got it.

For those of you who would go to Baler, please support Baler souvenir shop. They offer very affordable shirts and other merchandises. Please take note that this is not a paid advertisement. Let’s support local! Yabang Pinoy!


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