Spalish spa review

As an entrepreneur, I tend to overwork. I tend to not give myself a time to pamper myself.

Today, I decided to treat myself a foot spa and a massage.

I then discovered spalish spa located at #84C General Ordoñez st. , Concepcion dos, Marikina city.

I invited Tita Emer and Tita Venus to also have their pamper day since being momshies, they are very tired of household chores.

The service was excellent while the price is affordable. I don’t know how they were able to do it, but everything was great. For me, the business is underrated and needs exposure since they are giving great service to Marikeños.

Everyone must try their massage! It was the best I’ve tried considering that I always look for massage every now and then.

Their model was Ms. Marikina and Ms. Philippines candidate. Awesome right?

Rating: 93/100

For improvement: Graphics and design of the establishment.

Blugrè coffee shop review

After having a long day buying garments at Taytay Rizal, we decided to drop by and charge our phone at Blugre Coffee. It is a business originally from Davao.

It is dubbed as Starbucks of Davao and it’s great interiors supports it.

It is located just beside Taytay rizal city hall.

Here are the 7 things you would love about the coffee shop.

1. Their food was good

Although a bit pricy, their food was on point. It is very delicious and the size of their serving was okay. Though we waited for around 10 minutes for the food to be served.

2. They offer durian coffee.

Though I wasn’t able to try it, but hey, it is something new to try here in Manila. When I tried the famous spicy Ice cream at bicol, I wanted to try it again

3. Affordable Coffee

Their foods may be pricy but their coffee is the killer. It is very affordable.

4. Good place to meet people

The next big idea might come fron the meetings being held at the cafe because of the great ambiance it gives. It is very conducive to interacting with people.

5. A Christian owner

I was so estatic when I saw a bible in their reading corner then I asked the staff about it and she said that the owner is a Christian.

6. They have wifi and power

It’s the perfect duo to every coffee shops. We could be productive while being at the coffee shop

7. Comfortable seats

They’re very generous when it comes to seats. A first class seats for a first class customer.

Overall, I find this coffee shop refreshing. Though I have to admit that there is nothing new that it brings to the table except for the durian coffee.

Would I come back? : Yes!

Rating: 90/100

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