What to do in case of an Earthquake?

After coming back from a holy week break, several people posted on their social media accounts their experience about the earthquake. Luzon experienced a 6.1 magnitude earthquake that on Monday, April 22, 2019.


Photo courtesy of Lance Lauren


PNR, LRT1, LRT2 and MRT all closed their operations because of the earthquake. Several employees got stuck in their office. The question now is, what do you need to do in case of an earthquake?


Here the following things to do during an earthquake


1. Stay Calm

You have to be calm during the earthquake otherwise you would can’t decide right. Don’t let your emotions get over you, get over your emotions.


2. Duck, Cover and Hold

You have to identify the safe spot in the area that your in and cover your head. You have to remember that earthquake may last less than a minute and you have to cover your head.


3. Stay in an open area after the earthquake


It’s a protocol to stay in an open area to avoid objects falling in your head. You also have to stay away from glasses and other materials deemed to be harmful.


4. Do not use elevators


The last thing you want during an earthquake is to be stuck inside the elevator. You have to use the stairs if you are going down.


Why fashion matters to the world’s top female athletes

Sports and style are two words that are so different yet compliment with each other. In the recently concluded Australian Open 2019, beyond the exciting plays of the female tennis athletes, media looks at the fashion style of each contender. In fact, a grandslam competition is one of the major event for the world’s top clothing brands.

For the tennis superstars around the globe, they make sure that they are wearing the best clothing whenever they are inside the court. Here are the top female athletes and why fashion matters to them;


5. Venus Williams

The seven-time grandslam winner believes that fashion is important to represent what you do.  Venus, the owner of her own clothing line, thinks that whatever she wears on court affects her performance as an athlete. She feels that whenever she wears good clothing with the right fit, she is at her best.


Whatever you wear, you need to be confident in it. When you’re confident, you feel good about what you’re doing. When you’re self-conscious, it’s extremely hard to focus on what you’re doing — no matter what it is. So no matter what it is, you you’ve go to feel like you rule the world. – Venus Williams during her interview with Chicago Tribune


4. Serena Williams


Considered as the best woman to have ever played the sport, Serena Williams is very careful at what she wears. The 23-time grandslam winner is known to make waves for her fashion wear. In the last US Open, her brand sponsor, even launched an exclusive collection called the queen.

Serena, just like her sister Venus, owns a clothing line to empower women.




3. Angelique Kerber


Former world’s no. 1 tennis player loves fashion. The german player was featured in numerous fashion magazines and has major fashion brand sponsors. For the 3-time grandslam winner, she is specifically wary of the fitting of what she wears during the competition.




2. Caroline Wozniacki


Well, whatever I wear, I see to it that I’m comfortable with it and I could rock it – Caroline Wozniacki

For Caroline, she’s the type of tennis player that doesn’t actually care about the colors of what she wears but particular with the fitting of it. She is at her best whenever she wears something that is simple.




1. Maria Sharapova

Arguably the most famous tennis player in the world, Maria Sharapova proves to be the best on and off the court. The youngest grandslam winner shared that her fashion helps her represent herself. She pointed that she loves wearing clothes that she could wear inside and outside of the court.




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[Event] Ben Malol Workshop – Nov. 10, 2018

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Who is Ben Malol?


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About the workshop

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Ecom Workshop Manila with Ben Malol
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Date: November 10, 2018
Time: 9AM~5PM
Venue: QBO Innovation Hub
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Ticket: $100 or P5,500.


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This picture actually depicts my exact reaction the day I started writing for this blog. I have no idea and I felt like it was a waste of time.

However, I have a burning desire to grow and learn. I wanted to learn from people that I’ll meet and I wanted to become a better person.

(Met the author of the Secret Life of Young millionaire, Mr. DJ Dimaliuat)

During this journey of being an entrepreneur, I do not want to be alone. I want to educate people but I felt that I can’t share something. I lack experience, I lack knowledge.

But I thought, maybe people could only learn a little from me BUT they could learn better from all the people that I met and will meet. That would be so Amazing.

Everyday, I’m meeting people from all walks of life. Be it a balut vendor, store owner, start up businessman and many more. And I would always like to ask questions from them.

Call me ambitious but my goal before this year end is to release my book entitled: 10 things I learned from the people I met in 2018. Packed with a planner.

As early as now, our team is preparing hard for it.

Here are the list of people I’d like to meet this year (2018):

I want to meet this people and hear what’s exactly in their hearts. I would like to learn how they dealt with various adversities and challenges.

1. Kris Aquino

– I love her honesty. She is a standard setter for honesty marketing and I would like to ask her questions that others wasn’t able to ask.

2. Henry Sy, Sr.

When I was 15 years old, I met my role model in the person of Mr. Henry Sy. I would like to know what kept him motivated even though He is already rich.

I saw him asking a merchandiser to fill up the free space in hypermarket. How awesome right?

3. Ramon Ang

My professor told me that He is good in details. He is the man behind San Miguel corporation and a fellow tamaraw.

4. Alex Gonzaga

She is my favorite vlogger. I would like to ask her about Happy Cup Cafe and how she maintains to be funny inspite of discouragements she maybe experiencing.

5. Wil Dasovich

I know one day I’ll meet and talk to him. During the time that I’m so discouraged, I got inspired by his story. If Wil, a survivor of cancer, can still smile during his hardest times. Why would I be discouraged?

6. James Deakin

He is a man of value. I admire him for his ideas.

7. Maria Ressa

She is the visionary behind Rappler. I am following her even during her abscbn days and I must say that she kept her values intact even during the hardest time of their lives.

(List to be updated)