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Emgo started in year 2016 with the intention of creating products for Millennial. They are known to have a unique and witty name for their products.




Starting a business can really be stressful. However, we at Emgo PH would like to bring opportunities to our fellow millennial through this campaign: Start Small, End Big.

With our wide-range of products, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to sell in the market already:




And don’t worry, we are giving you the liberty to use your own logo. How cool is that?






The first product that they launch is Kangaroo Bag. A bag specifically made for anti-theft.



You may opt to sell it at concept stores.



This year 2018, Emgo would like to provide opportunity for 20 entrepreneurs by offering 50% discount from all of its products. This 20 entrepreneurs would also get free business consultancy, free marketing collateral and a chance to have their own brand (As in own logo).


In three easy steps:

1. Choose your products and designs



  • MUGS

2. Get 50% off (100% Profit on your part)



3. Sell it online or in the concept stores.




So if you want to be part of 20 Entrepreneurs that we are looking for, kindly fill up the form below.

Yes, Meganon!


What I saw in Baler

I’m a bit hesitant going to Baler. I will be missing our Lifegroup and possibly Sunday Celebration. The day before the trip, I haven’t really decided of whether we will be going or not. Our team have no plans at all.

I then prayed and meditate His word. His instruction was clear: SEE MY BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS.

By creation, I thought that God is telling me that He wants me to see the beauty of baler’s nature. But God has other things in mind.

For quick background: Our team will go there to cover Bond’s fitness camp which Emgo sponsored. It was a really nice fitness camp

So going back to the topic “creations”, I was mesmerized not just by the beauty of Baler but by the people living in it. It was the creation that God has been telling me and it was just wonderful.

Imagine seeing people through God’s eyes? It is His creations, It is something that He cares and loves about. Imagine my feeling of meeting them and getting to know them?

Look at the fire in my eyes meeting locals. Knowing their stories and what can I learn from them. Don’t get me wrong, I used to meet a lot of people but this is the first time that I got see people as God’s wonderful creation.

I had a great moment with God that night. I felt undeserving and not worthy but still He loves me. In my entire lifetime, this was the first time I have experienced to look to everyone I meet as God’s art.

Starting Vlogpreneur and documenting my journey as a businessman and other people’s journey is surely not my plan. Althrough out my life, I would like to be a successful businessman and servant of God. But this journey is worth-taking.

People may not learn from me but I’m sure they could learn from the people that I’ll be meeting. The failures that they have experienced and how were they able to cope up with it. For me, that’s amazing.

Honestly, Nasa point ako ng buhay ko na kahit 3 years old iinterviewihin ko.For those people who would like to be featured in this platform, please email us @

For the readers of this blog who will be travelling to places, I have one tip: Do not just see the view in the places you go to. See people that is in it.

Because that is what I saw in Baler.