Pinoys can now sell in the US!

As an entrepreneur, It’s everyone’s dream to be a global brand. However, that dream entails a lot of hard work and patience to come to life. Would you believe that it is not the case today?



When I first talked to Mr. Neptune Factor of EcFuilfill, I was so amazed with the vision of their company. Their goal is to help Filipinos sell at Amazon, the world’s leading ecommerce site.


I am particularly amazed with this three things:

(1) Filipino entrepreneurs can now sell product at US!

Imagine our 3.4 million kababayans in the US tasting “Bagoong”, “Peanut brittle”, Pickled Mango and other Filipino foods? They wouldn’t miss the Philippines that much!

(2) P10,000 set up fee and you are good to go!

This is the part I’m most shocked. EcFulfill only charges P10,000 for your complete set-up. It would take about a month to set-up and you could already enjoy selling overseas!


(3) EcFulfill founders have the heart to help

Of course, the founders would want to earn that’s why they built the platform. However, their heart is into helping entrepreneurs thrive in Amazon platform. They even provide training sessions for would-be sellers.


Click their website for more details

A book about Failures.

There are perhaps millions of books talking about success of entrepreneurs but there are few who highlights the process of getting there. In my journey being a vlogpreneur, with every heart to heart talks I had with entrepreneurs, I realized that the common denominator among them is how they handled their failures.

Who didn’t fail at anything?

But why is it that it is not a norm to talk about it? About how entrepreneurs experienced having their last centavo, about getting rejected several times, about getting back from bankruptcy and the lists goes on.

The fact is, these moments made them and placed them to where they are right now.


I can’t forget what my mentor during the Go Negosyo’s One on One mentoring told me.

Your value is the amount of failures you’ve overcome.

Don’t ever think that because you have nothing now, you can’t be someone. You can put a dent in the universe if you’ve decided to.


Steve Jobs started Apple with nothing.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with nothing.

Bill Gates started Microsoft with nothing.


And that’s the reason why I’m writing a book about failures. I want to create an impact but I thought I had little experience to share something thus I went on a mission earlier this year to interview people that I can and ask how they were able to pass their lives greatest challenges. In this book, I’ll be featuring 100 individuals and if it’s God’s will, I would like to launch it at the end of the year.


This book is entitled: 



a key fact, point, or idea to be remembered, typically one emerging from a discussion or meeting.
Sentence: “the main takeaway for me is that we need to continue to communicate all the things we’re doing for our customers”
The goal of the book is to feature the key takeaways from the failures of successful people. I thought that majority of the books focused on the icing on the cake but never on the process of creating the cake.
We’d like to focused on how much this successful people have went through in order to achieve their success.
That’s the story what I would like to focused on.
If you happen to know someone that you think we should feature please email me at with a subject “Takeaway Feature”

Start your own business now | Emgo PH

Emgo started in year 2016 with the intention of creating products for Millennial. They are known to have a unique and witty name for their products.




Starting a business can really be stressful. However, we at Emgo PH would like to bring opportunities to our fellow millennial through this campaign: Start Small, End Big.

With our wide-range of products, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to sell in the market already:




And don’t worry, we are giving you the liberty to use your own logo. How cool is that?






The first product that they launch is Kangaroo Bag. A bag specifically made for anti-theft.



You may opt to sell it at concept stores.



This year 2018, Emgo would like to provide opportunity for 20 entrepreneurs by offering 50% discount from all of its products. This 20 entrepreneurs would also get free business consultancy, free marketing collateral and a chance to have their own brand (As in own logo).


In three easy steps:

1. Choose your products and designs



  • MUGS

2. Get 50% off (100% Profit on your part)



3. Sell it online or in the concept stores.




So if you want to be part of 20 Entrepreneurs that we are looking for, kindly fill up the form below.

Yes, Meganon!