Coffee Shop Review: Diligence Cafe

Have you heard about the coffee shop that you could work or study all night?

True to the name of the Cafe, You’ll become diligent especially that you are timed.

Every coffee shop has a unique story to tell. Last night, I went to Diligence Cafe with a friend to finish our marketing collaterals for Mapua Bazaar. It was the best decision I made last night.

Here are the 7 reasons why you’d love Diligence Cafe:

1. They are open from 12 nn to 7 am the following day

This is perfect for students who have exam the next day or a businessman who has an important presentation. It could also be a place for vloggers to edit videos or to influencers who is thinking of a concept.

2. The lighting was so good

Aside from the well-lit room, everyone also have a lampshade.

3. Productive Environment

If everyone around you is busy achieving their dreams, who are you not to be diligent?

4. They serve Delicious food

Aside from the fact that they have unlimited supply of drinks, their food was so good.


5. There is a place where you can nap.

And they even offer services such as human alarm clock. How awesome right?

6. Great Interiors

Everything was fresh.

7. Affordable meals

Overall: To date, it is the second best coffew shop I’ve been to.

Rate: 93/100

I would surely come back!