Sarah Geronimo and Depression | Featuring Vice Ganda, Maine Mendoza & Nadine Lustre

Isn’t she lucky, this Hollywood girl? – Britney Spears

When I first heard the news about Sarah Geronimo breaking down in one of her concerts, I can’t help not to pray for her. I know it’s been so hard for someone to feel the emptiness in spite of the fact that she almost have everything. Money, fame, career, love life and supportive fans. 

Sarah 1.png

I’m asking myself, Bakit I feel empty? Hindi yung successful na shows o yung mga hits yung makakapag kumpleto sayo o makakapagpasaya sayo bilang tao, kundi yung tunay na pagmamahal na hindi nagbabago – Sarah Geronimo on Her Las Vegas Concert

It could be so devastating to look for something or someone that you don’t know of. To look for that love that doesn’t change and will never change. Sadly, there are number of celebrities who took their own life not able to find that something that they’ve been looking for.


September 8, 1989 – April 20, 2018

Tim Bergling was a Swedish Musician and record producer.


Chester Bennington

March 20, 1976 – July 20, 2017

He was the lead vocalist of Linkin Park. He died July 20 of 2017 by hanging himself.


Michael Jackson

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

The king of Pop was considered to be the most successful entertainer of all time.


Given the fame, money and “success” that the three experienced, unfortunately they all decided to take their own lives.

The story is pretty much the same with the story of Judas. A disciple of Jesus Christ who got 30 silver coins by betraying Jesus only to find out that that money he got wouldn’t satisfy him and ended up hanging his life.

There are number of people who are experiencing  and experienced the same “emptiness” as what Sarah Geronimo has experienced.

Stars who underwent depression

The Unkabogable Star: Vice Ganda


Hearing Vice Ganda suffering from depression could be a joke to some people. I mean, who would have thought that the Box office star, the phenomenal host, the break though businessman and the first awardee of Dolphy’s lifetime achievement award could be suffering from Depression?

It could pass as a very good joke. However, Vice in His recent interview admitted about it:

 “Na-depress ako. I underwent depression. I actually had to meet a doctor, and asked for professional help. Hindi ako nakakatulog, nagkakaroon ako ng anxiety attack. May mga atake sa akin, na nahihirapan ako magtrabaho.” – Vice Ganda on his interview with MJ Felipe

For someone that always makes us laugh and would do his best to lighten up our mood, it takes courage to admit this and I’m proud of Vice for doing so.

Nadine Lustre


Following his brother’s demise this year, I bet it could be hard to be Nadine Lustre. In spite of her illustrious career, she admitted to have suffered from Depression

It may come as a surprise to you but I have struggled with depression way back and still am to this day.
Feeling bad cuz I am not enough and everything that I do and will do will never be enough.
Its not easy.
I have days when I have to put a mask on, smiling, numbing myself from negative emotions, too often I have already mastered the art of hiding it, I bet, you never even noticed it.” – Nadine Lustre on her Instagram Post

When she posted about #Keepgoing, it became my personal goal to create awareness and lift up those who are depressed. We even launch a merchandise for it.


Here’s a screenshot of Baninay Bautista wearing our #KeepGoing merchandise. I saw it in Benny Cua’s Vlog

Yaya Dub: Maine Mendoza


When Maine stood up against sir Joey De Leon about depression, I knew she has an idea about it or perhaps underwent through it.

Maine being your-not-typical celebrity drew praises from the people for clearing what’s depression all about. This episode of Eat Bulaga ended in a positive note, with the Henyo himself admitted that he is wrong.

Being a Popster, it’s hard to see Sarah Geronimo admitting to have underwent depression. I experienced and wrote about it personally in my blog. But thank God that finally, Sarah Geronimo has found answers to her questions.

Sarah 2

Hindi Lovelife, Hindi success sa Trabaho, Hindi pera ang makakapagbuo sayo kundi ang relasyon mo talaga sa Panginoong Diyos – Sarah Geronimo

Sometimes, you have to hit the rock bottom in order for you to realize that only Jesus could satisfy you. There is a void in your heart that only God could fill.

And whoever you are that is reading this blog, please read this 3 takeaways from Sarah Geronimo’s “Emptiness”


(1) Only God could fill the emptiness

To answer the question of Sarah Geronimo in her quest for love that’s never changing. You can only experience and feel it from the love of God.

There is no greater Love than this, To lay down one’s life for one’s friends – John 15:13

If you are experiencing pain now, remember that it isn’t the plan of God for you. Remember that God only plan the best for you. He planned to give you a bright future but Satan wants you to experience otherwise. He wants you to be filled with His love. He even has more than 8000 promises for you.

No matter how much “Success” you have acquired, it would never bring you Joy if you have no relationship with Jesus. Life without Jesus Christ is like a BMW without a Gasoline, It’s useless.

(2) God can hear you

In fact, I believe God has heard my prayer for Sarah. I prayed for her to realized that God loves her and that He listens to her. It could be funny but I know in my heart that there is nothing impossible in Praying. If you truly admire someone, you could pray for them in your quiet time.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know – Jeremiah 33:3

(3) It’s never too late to turn to God

Regardless of the sin you have committed, It’s never too late to have a relationship with God. All you have to do is to accept and confess that you have sinned and fall short and that He is the Lord and the savior of your life. Your situation may not change in a snap of the wrist, but know that there’s nothing too hard for the Lord.

If you want to have someone to talk to and be in a community of believers, you may sign the form below. We would pray for you:

From Janitor to Business Owner

Dream a better dream and work to make them real.

This is something that I’ve learned from my CPA friend, Karla Herrera, The Summa Cum Laude of our batch. She would always remind me to work for my dream.


When I went to Baler last March, my goal is to learn from people that I will meet along the way. I have this eagerness to know and tell their story.

received_16885644378560431511440390.jpegHowever, I had a big problem. I left all my clothes at Manila and I was not able to bring one.

Until I found Baler souvenir shirts, right in front of probably the best resort in Baler: Costa Pacifica.


Being my usual self, I ask the owner Mike about his story and how did he came up with a business (that solved my problem). I was so inspired when He said that he was previously a Janitor of the said resort.


Let’s talk about, D R E A M I N G.

I’m nothing against Janitors, they have a noble profession and I salute them. I’m just so amazed on how he was able to establish his own business at the age of 23, without a college degree and working as a Janitor.


That’s something else.

He started selling few shirts for a very affordable amount. Then he eventually grew to 500 pcs shirt orders and now he is selling 3000 pcs shirt in just a span of 3 years in the business.

Mike shared that it was hard at first since he has no capital but then he had a vision. He saw something that no one else saw before.

A souvenir shop at the famous Baler.

Mr. Will is right after all, Capital is just a tool in the business, it is not the main thing. Click here for my interview with him

Here are my three takeaways from my Interview with Mike

1. Never be afraid to share where you came from

When success gets in your head, sometimes it’s hard for us to remember where we came from. Mike, through pointing his fingers to the resort in front of his business proudly told me,

Dati akong Janitor dyan (referring to Costa Pacifica)

2. Start Small, End Big

Never be afraid to start. It might be really hard to start but remember, you can never go to where you want to be if you remain in the same place.

As they say, the richest place in the world are in the cemetery, for in that place lies the best ideas that never happened. Don’t include yourself in that list.

3. Dream bigger

Cliche as it may seem but Mike just proved to us that Dreaming big pays off. He did not settle to where He is, He worked hard for what he wants to achieve and he eventually got it.

For those of you who would go to Baler, please support Baler souvenir shop. They offer very affordable shirts and other merchandises. Please take note that this is not a paid advertisement. Let’s support local! Yabang Pinoy!


For business features,

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3 valuable lessons I learned from the CEO of Willy & Sons Corporation

Last April 25, 2018, I went to Bicol to deliver the string bags order of Willy & Son’s Corporation. I’m very fortunate to interview the CEO of the appliance business for 24 years now,  Mr. Will Qa.

He is a millennial CEO of the corporation and I’m very blessed to hear great lessons from him. For a young entrepreneur like me, hearing it straight from the CEO doesn’t happen everyday. In fact, it is the very reason why I established this channel, to learn and hear it straight from the owners of the company.


Willy & Sons Calbayog branch

Allow me to share to you three valuable lessons I learned from Mr. Qa.

  1. Business isn’t all about the capital

Capital is not the prime answer to the problem of every business, it is only a tool of how can we expand it. The real thing is the efforts of individuals believing in your business – Mr. Will Qa

Having studied accounting for 5 years, I thought business is all about capital and money. That business will thrive if they have lots of it. However, I agree with what Mr. Will has shared, business is about the efforts of those people who believe in its vision.

Just like the story of Samsung, the Vice president of the company shared in public recently that Samsung Galaxy 7 hit their company big time. In fact, he did not receive his salary for 4 months and yet, the VP continued to serve the organization.

Capital is not everything. It’s a tool but it’s not the main part of the business.

2. Involve your Employees

When asked about his management secret, Mr. Qa shared this wonderful insight to me.

It is more of the involvement of the efforts of the employees in the business. The purpose of the business here is based on our collective efforts – Mr. Will Qa

The reason that I asked this question is because I am so amazed at how his employees work. They are so passionate and knows the direction of their company. They are the kind of employees who would want to serve the company for the rest of their lives and one of that is Mr. Chris Chan.


(Photo taken at sir Wil Qa’s Facebook Account)

Meeting sir Chris was full of learning to me. He shared to me what’s the vision of their company and that he is so blessed to have a leader like Mr. Will. I can see in his eyes how happy he is working for the company and as if he is not working at all.

3. Be Humble

Although he didn’t say it to me directly, I learned this through observing Mr. Will in my interview with Him. I would like to quote him in this:

It’s not about me as a CEO but it’s about our story. It’s not the I, but the We. – Mr. Will Qa

For a millennial CEO like him, I’m amazed on how his feet remains to be grounded. He graduated economics from Bicol University and would supposedly study abroad but chose to focus on the business instead. He has heart for their employees and definitely for the next generation.

Your humility would take you to places.

Watch my full interview here:

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Rebenta PH: The future of e-commerce

Do you want to monetize everything you post on your social media account in the most fastest and legit way? If you do, please read on.

What if you could resell products even without you buying it?

What if you could get commission by just referring a particular product that you used?

And What if you were able to use your influence to have money?

Your questions all have answers. And that is Rebenta PH.


Rebenta is the newest e-commerce platform in the Philippines. The goal of the app is to give opportunities to people who uses social media. There are more than 40 million Filipino Social Media users, but the question is, how many get money from it?


I had the enviable task of interviewing the man behind it, sir JD, he also is the man behind The Blackmarket Marketing, the one who handles Philippines’ most famous social media accounts like Basilio, Tee radio, So lit and many more.


Watch this video to learn about Rebenta: 


If you still can’t understand the concept of Rebenta PH, think of it this way.

In this set up, we have three major characters. Let’s call them si Aida, si Lorna at si Fe.

To put it simply, think of the story of this three friends who have combined their efforts and skills to make something out of nothing. This is their background:

Aida is good in managing a business. She always makes sure that the buyers could receive the products on time, she provides extra service to the buyers and is the manager of the business. However, she doesn’t have the influence and the products to sell.

Lorna, on the other hand, have a capital and would like to sell its own products. She sells different products and would love to have more sales. However, she doesn’t have the influence and management skills to sell it.

Fe, the last girl in the team is the most influential of the three, people follow whatever she does. She is like the celebrity of the group.

Until one unfortunate day, Fe’s mother was diagnosed with a leukemia and she has to be treated as soon as possible. She doesn’t have anything and she has consulted her friends if what they should do and they decided to combine their efforts to save Fe’s mom.


Aida represents the Rebenta platform. The task of Aida is to make sure that the business is doing well. She receive and remits the sales to Lorna and make sure that Fe would get her commission. She make sure that the website is working and that the products are being delivered.

Lorna represents the Merchants. The task of Lorna is to produce products and sell it through Aida and Fe’s help. Lorna’s goal is to deliver the products straight to the customers through various services provided by Aida.

Who could be Lorna? It could be any business that would want to have more sales for their business.

Fe represents the Resellers,  The task of Fe is to help Lorna sell. She would use her influence to make a sale. She doesn’t have to do anything aside from posting in the social media that she has to save her mom from Leukemia and sell products made by Lorna and that Aida would oversee the transactions.


Who could be Fe? Anyone who has an influence in the social media.  Perfect for this are Influencers, Sellers, OFW who needs extra income, Facebook page owners, Student Leaders and etc.



Bottom line is: This e-commerce system fits our culture of Bayanihan. If for example this  case was really true, I bet everyone would buy the products being sold by Fe. Finally, there is a worldclass e-commerce system that is Filipino made.


For inquiries just comment your email below or message us at Rebenta PH Facebook Page.