[Franchise] Tikka Tikka Review

I love shawarma so much. In fact, if it would not bring bad effect to my breath, I could eat shawarma all through out my life.

I’m very ecstatic to know that there is a new player in the market. The Tikka Tikka.

It was owned by the PBB Housemate: Brad Bait Fourth Solomon. He was too kind in person, a very hands on businessman. When I approached him, he asked me if his eyes are blinking. He’s been manning the booth from 4:30 am and until 8 in the evening, He is still there selling.

Spell resiliency? Fourth.

What I liked about the product the most is that you know that the beef that they used is high quality beef. And they put a lot of cheese to my order.

It really taste good.

I promise you, you’ll order again.

They’ll be opening their first ever kiosk @ Ayala Mall Feliz.

Like their Facebook page for more details: Tikka Tikka

Final verdict

Overall score: 9.5/10

Masarap sana pero.. medyo mabaho sa hininga. Haha

Note: This is not a paid advertisement