Best restaurant in Batangas

Last April 24, 2018 we went to Mabini, Batangas to visit Masasa beach. We are very fortunate since they are also celebrating their 100 years anniversary.

Mabini Batangas is known for its diving resorts and beaches. However, one of the highlights of our trip was not only the beach but the restaurant that our local friend brought us, The OMG Olvida and Myra’s grill

It’s located at Brgy. Solo, Mabini Batangas, near Camp Netanya.

It’s a place good for families, barkadas and even partners. We had a great time talking about life while eating their very delicious and affordable food.

I ordered their Unli-rice Filipino Tapa (worth 65 php) and I must say it is the best tapa I’ve ever tasted in my 24 years of existence.

Imagine eating a delicious food with this kind of view? A view overlooking anilao beach.

A w e s o m e.

Plus: They have a really friendly staff who are not afraid to talk and joke with their customers.

All in all, I would surely go back to this place! In fact, we came back the next day after eating dinner here.

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3 valuable lessons I learned from the CEO of Willy & Sons Corporation

Last April 25, 2018, I went to Bicol to deliver the string bags order of Willy & Son’s Corporation. I’m very fortunate to interview the CEO of the appliance business for 24 years now,  Mr. Will Qa.

He is a millennial CEO of the corporation and I’m very blessed to hear great lessons from him. For a young entrepreneur like me, hearing it straight from the CEO doesn’t happen everyday. In fact, it is the very reason why I established this channel, to learn and hear it straight from the owners of the company.


Willy & Sons Calbayog branch

Allow me to share to you three valuable lessons I learned from Mr. Qa.

  1. Business isn’t all about the capital

Capital is not the prime answer to the problem of every business, it is only a tool of how can we expand it. The real thing is the efforts of individuals believing in your business – Mr. Will Qa

Having studied accounting for 5 years, I thought business is all about capital and money. That business will thrive if they have lots of it. However, I agree with what Mr. Will has shared, business is about the efforts of those people who believe in its vision.

Just like the story of Samsung, the Vice president of the company shared in public recently that Samsung Galaxy 7 hit their company big time. In fact, he did not receive his salary for 4 months and yet, the VP continued to serve the organization.

Capital is not everything. It’s a tool but it’s not the main part of the business.

2. Involve your Employees

When asked about his management secret, Mr. Qa shared this wonderful insight to me.

It is more of the involvement of the efforts of the employees in the business. The purpose of the business here is based on our collective efforts – Mr. Will Qa

The reason that I asked this question is because I am so amazed at how his employees work. They are so passionate and knows the direction of their company. They are the kind of employees who would want to serve the company for the rest of their lives and one of that is Mr. Chris Chan.


(Photo taken at sir Wil Qa’s Facebook Account)

Meeting sir Chris was full of learning to me. He shared to me what’s the vision of their company and that he is so blessed to have a leader like Mr. Will. I can see in his eyes how happy he is working for the company and as if he is not working at all.

3. Be Humble

Although he didn’t say it to me directly, I learned this through observing Mr. Will in my interview with Him. I would like to quote him in this:

It’s not about me as a CEO but it’s about our story. It’s not the I, but the We. – Mr. Will Qa

For a millennial CEO like him, I’m amazed on how his feet remains to be grounded. He graduated economics from Bicol University and would supposedly study abroad but chose to focus on the business instead. He has heart for their employees and definitely for the next generation.

Your humility would take you to places.

Watch my full interview here:

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Start your own business now | Emgo PH

Emgo started in year 2016 with the intention of creating products for Millennial. They are known to have a unique and witty name for their products.




Starting a business can really be stressful. However, we at Emgo PH would like to bring opportunities to our fellow millennial through this campaign: Start Small, End Big.

With our wide-range of products, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to sell in the market already:




And don’t worry, we are giving you the liberty to use your own logo. How cool is that?






The first product that they launch is Kangaroo Bag. A bag specifically made for anti-theft.



You may opt to sell it at concept stores.



This year 2018, Emgo would like to provide opportunity for 20 entrepreneurs by offering 50% discount from all of its products. This 20 entrepreneurs would also get free business consultancy, free marketing collateral and a chance to have their own brand (As in own logo).


In three easy steps:

1. Choose your products and designs



  • MUGS

2. Get 50% off (100% Profit on your part)



3. Sell it online or in the concept stores.




So if you want to be part of 20 Entrepreneurs that we are looking for, kindly fill up the form below.

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10 awesome things to do in Baler

1. Surfing

You never really went to Baler if you didn’t try surfing

2. Read a Book

This is the best place to meditate and read your Favorite book.

3. Bond with the locals

4. Food trip

5. Swimming

6. Socialize

7. Practice Photography

8. Stargazing

9. Jamming

10. Be Free

Free yourself from doubts, fears and hurts.


10 Things I learned from Joj & Jai

I met Joj and Jai @ World Bazaar Festival last year. They are so energetic and passionated about their craft and I find it amazing that they could juggle their time between work and studies.

Last March 3-4, we are at Baler for Bond’s fitness camp and I had a brief interview with the twins. Here are the things that I learned from them.

* Make sure you use the brand that you are endorsing


  • Trust the Process

Find time to be Fit

Organize your plan in a day

Be productive always

If it’s your passion, make time for it.

Listen to your partners

In every business, there’s always a risk

Always do your best