The gap between brands and influencers & how I think it could be solved.

As an entrepreneur, I have always believed in the capacity of influencers to drive company’s sales.

Influencer Marketing is like a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of the celebrity endorsement and placing it into a modern day content-driven marketing campaign. The main difference is that the results of the campaign are usually collaborations between brands and influencers. (Source: Influence Marketing Hub)

Influencer marketing in the Philippines is in it’s infancy stage because of the following factors:

Rose Gallo, Commercial Model
  1. There are few platforms that would bridge Influencers and Brands

It’s quite hard, especially for micro influencers to score a partnership deal with brands. Some brands usually prefer the macro influencers to launch their campaigns. The competition is really tough for the influencers.

However, Influence for me can’t just be based on the number of likes, shares or followers of one influencer but on the actual number of people who actually made an action. One platform that I only know in the Philippines is LetsBuzzIn by Blogapalooza.

2. Return on Investment for Influencers is hard to predict

(C) Bruno

This is so true. I’ve worked with some influencers before and it’s hard to put a value on their post. Some influencers think that there work is done once they posted a content online when in fact it’s only the start. The influencer’s job is to make sure that there followers actually made the action their brand partners want.

3. Some influencers don’t know how to leverage their social media presence


The truth is, there are so many underrated influencers who could monetize their influence and yet cannot do it since they don’t have the means to do so. They could either lack ideas, opportunities or means to do with their contents.


Case in point: Rose Gallo.

She is a commercial model and previously a star magic artist. She works with project with different big brands and yet do not know that she could earn from her social media presence. She has a passion in terms of public speaking, leadership, modelling and travelling.  According to her, she simply has no time to create contents.

With all of this being said, I’ve conceptualized an idea that could possibly bridge the gap. What if we establish a group of influencers, we would handle their social media careers and eventually bridge them to brands? Then the influencers’ commision would be based on the actual number of people they influenced make an action. Do you think it is a great idea?

This idea may not be the first, but I’m happy that PJ entrepreneur liked it. PJ handles over 150 companies worldwide and is now focusing on launching the two global brands here in the Philippines. He is a very nice guy with a heart to help to Filipinos.

If you happen to be an influencer or know someone, kindly ask him or her to sign in this form.


If you’re a brand thinking of hiring an influencer, I would leave you with the following statistics.

  1. 74% of people trust social networks to guide them to purchase decisions

  2. 49% of people rely on influencer recommendations

  3. In 2016, influencer marketing surpassed print marketing

  4. 75% of marketers claim to have allocated money for influencer marketing

  5. Marketers spent $25,000 – $50,000 per influencer marketing program in 2016


5 facts about Email Marketing that you probably don’t know

Warning: Eye-opening Article.

Of all the marketing tools available, Email marketing is something that most digital marketers take for granted. Fact is, there are 3.4 billion people who have an email and and yet majority of marketers put lesser focus on the Email Marketing.

But after reading the entire article, you’d probably change your mind.

EMAIL is 4xefficient.png

Email Marketing is 4x better in terms of conversion rate compare to the other big social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube according to 2017 DMA Study.



Gone are the days were email are just plain black and white. Consumers get really attracted with videos and in fact, 85% of the internet are occupied by videos. Having a video to your email increases the click rate by 300%.

Vlogpreneur could create business insider-like videos for you.


Time is the most valuable asset of every entrepreneur and it is something that Benchmark Email also values. Imagine sending an email to 5,000 people in less than a minute? How much time do you think would you save?

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of Benchmark’s website, they offer powerful tools that allows you to automate your email marketing process.

Click to know more.



Chances are, people will open your email if it’s named directly to them. Personalizing your email builds trust on your target customer. Personalizing your email isn’t an option anymore, it is something that every email marketers should do.



With this statistic alone, one marketer who are not doing email marketing have lost the biggest market share target. The good news is, it is never too late to start!






More than 100,000 jobs available online

In the 2018 Global Freelancer Insights report by global payment gateway Paypal, two percent of the current population or 1.5 million Filipinos are working online. Currently, there are more than one hundred thousand jobs available online through Upwork, OnlineJobsPH and other freelancing platforms.



Abhinav Kumar, PayPal head of strategic partnerships for Southeast Asia disclosed that there are more jobs available online. “The Philippines is one of the fastest growing markets for us in this part of the world,” He said.

Freelancers around the world are growing in total workforce, from 6 percent of the world population in 1989 to an estimate of 43 percent in the year 2020, this date is according to the study of LinkedIn, World’s leading social networking site for business community.



Anne juggles her role as the network leader of Risen Life Church Harvester’s Corporate team and freelancer.

Anne Coleman-Precilla, a writer and social media marketer shared that working as a freelancer is an advantage since certain costs such as transportation and meal expenses would be avoided.

54% of Filipinos are employed as virtual assistant, followed by blogging and writing with 13% , customers service related jobs account for 10% and marketing-related jobs accounts for 20% of the entire freelancing workers.

Other Freelance jobs include Accounting, IT & Networking, Data science and analytics, language translation and other fields.



STUDENT FREELANCER. FEU Internal Auditing student, Jarlianne Astrologio, shares how she gain extra income through English tutoring while studying.



Jarlianne Astrologio, FEU Student and part-time online English tutor said “Yung pag freelance ko nakakatulong sa studies at daily needs ko, kahit first level palanga ko as English tutor, I’m earning 50 php per hour. Mas matagal yung experience, mas okay. Meron din silang training for us”

Astrologio shared that their company requires at least an internet speed of 25 mbps which many of Filipinos do not have, on the average Philippines have an average internet speed of 8 mbps.  It can be recalled that Pres. Duterte, in his last State of the Nation Address (SONA), gave a marching order to have a third telco that would improve our internet infrastructure.



On the average, Filipino Freelancers earn more than 39,000 pesos in a month in just 32 hours of work per week. 56% of the freelancers earn 30,000 php and below and 24% of the freelancers earn about Php50,000 up to Php100,000 per month, a study revealed by the Philippine freelancer’s group.

Aside from being the third best English-speaking country in Asia, employers noted that Filipinos are in demand due to lower asking rate and faster turnover for tasks.




Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF), a group with 112,000 members, is the premier online community in the Philippines. OFF founderCJ Maturino-Cajole shared to us some of her insights about freelancing.

“I began working from home about seven years ago. This gives me so much comfort because I no longer have to commute and dedicate many travel hours to get to the office and back home. I can work in the bedroom, in the living room, even at a cafe and I can earn dollars. Office space becomes irrelevant when you are a freelancer. Most importantly, I get to be with my children. That is my primary reason why I decided to work from home. I earn while I also see the milestones of my kids. I do not worry if they are sick or if I am leaving them with a nanny. I can take care of them myself while not giving up my career. Work and life balance can definitely be achieved” said CJ.

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CJ Maturino-Cajoles is passionate about educating future freelancers, in fact online Filipino freelancers will be having an event this October 13, 2018 at Le Pavilion in Pasay.

Topics covered

  • Building a strong brand as freelancer
  • How to begin your freelancing career
  • Negotiating your rates and winning the contract
  • Exploring Amazon and why you should pursue freelancing
  • Foundation of profitable e-commerce business
  • Success stories of Freelancers
  • and many more!

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Senate Bill number 351 was filed by Sen. Bam Aquino last 2016 to protect the rights of freelance workers in the Philippines. The bill includes a penalty of 250,000 pesos to employers who failed to pay freelancers, tax exemption for freelancers earning below 300,000 pesos and a priority in tax payments.


3 valuable lessons I learned from the CEO of Willy & Sons Corporation

Last April 25, 2018, I went to Bicol to deliver the string bags order of Willy & Son’s Corporation. I’m very fortunate to interview the CEO of the appliance business for 24 years now,  Mr. Will Qa.

He is a millennial CEO of the corporation and I’m very blessed to hear great lessons from him. For a young entrepreneur like me, hearing it straight from the CEO doesn’t happen everyday. In fact, it is the very reason why I established this channel, to learn and hear it straight from the owners of the company.


Willy & Sons Calbayog branch

Allow me to share to you three valuable lessons I learned from Mr. Qa.

  1. Business isn’t all about the capital

Capital is not the prime answer to the problem of every business, it is only a tool of how can we expand it. The real thing is the efforts of individuals believing in your business – Mr. Will Qa

Having studied accounting for 5 years, I thought business is all about capital and money. That business will thrive if they have lots of it. However, I agree with what Mr. Will has shared, business is about the efforts of those people who believe in its vision.

Just like the story of Samsung, the Vice president of the company shared in public recently that Samsung Galaxy 7 hit their company big time. In fact, he did not receive his salary for 4 months and yet, the VP continued to serve the organization.

Capital is not everything. It’s a tool but it’s not the main part of the business.

2. Involve your Employees

When asked about his management secret, Mr. Qa shared this wonderful insight to me.

It is more of the involvement of the efforts of the employees in the business. The purpose of the business here is based on our collective efforts – Mr. Will Qa

The reason that I asked this question is because I am so amazed at how his employees work. They are so passionate and knows the direction of their company. They are the kind of employees who would want to serve the company for the rest of their lives and one of that is Mr. Chris Chan.


(Photo taken at sir Wil Qa’s Facebook Account)

Meeting sir Chris was full of learning to me. He shared to me what’s the vision of their company and that he is so blessed to have a leader like Mr. Will. I can see in his eyes how happy he is working for the company and as if he is not working at all.

3. Be Humble

Although he didn’t say it to me directly, I learned this through observing Mr. Will in my interview with Him. I would like to quote him in this:

It’s not about me as a CEO but it’s about our story. It’s not the I, but the We. – Mr. Will Qa

For a millennial CEO like him, I’m amazed on how his feet remains to be grounded. He graduated economics from Bicol University and would supposedly study abroad but chose to focus on the business instead. He has heart for their employees and definitely for the next generation.

Your humility would take you to places.

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