Sports and style are two words that are so different yet compliment with each other. In the recently concluded Australian Open 2019, beyond the exciting plays of the female tennis athletes, media looks at the fashion style of each contender. In fact, a grandslam competition is one of the major event for the world’s top clothing brands.

For the tennis superstars around the globe, they make sure that they are wearing the best clothing whenever they are inside the court. Here are the top female athletes and why fashion matters to them;


5. Venus Williams

The seven-time grandslam winner believes that fashion is important to represent what you do.  Venus, the owner of her own clothing line, thinks that whatever she wears on court affects her performance as an athlete. She feels that whenever she wears good clothing with the right fit, she is at her best.


Whatever you wear, you need to be confident in it. When you’re confident, you feel good about what you’re doing. When you’re self-conscious, it’s extremely hard to focus on what you’re doing — no matter what it is. So no matter what it is, you you’ve go to feel like you rule the world. – Venus Williams during her interview with Chicago Tribune


4. Serena Williams


Considered as the best woman to have ever played the sport, Serena Williams is very careful at what she wears. The 23-time grandslam winner is known to make waves for her fashion wear. In the last US Open, her brand sponsor, even launched an exclusive collection called the queen.

Serena, just like her sister Venus, owns a clothing line to empower women.




3. Angelique Kerber


Former world’s no. 1 tennis player loves fashion. The german player was featured in numerous fashion magazines and has major fashion brand sponsors. For the 3-time grandslam winner, she is specifically wary of the fitting of what she wears during the competition.




2. Caroline Wozniacki


Well, whatever I wear, I see to it that I’m comfortable with it and I could rock it – Caroline Wozniacki

For Caroline, she’s the type of tennis player that doesn’t actually care about the colors of what she wears but particular with the fitting of it. She is at her best whenever she wears something that is simple.




1. Maria Sharapova

Arguably the most famous tennis player in the world, Maria Sharapova proves to be the best on and off the court. The youngest grandslam winner shared that her fashion helps her represent herself. She pointed that she loves wearing clothes that she could wear inside and outside of the court.




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