Have you ever visited a country that is so new to you and you have no idea of what is the the culture, geography and language that they speak? Or have you tried exploring a jungle without hiring a tour guide at all? It’s exactly your same situation if you try to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without having a consultant. It will be a total mess.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to increase the traffic to your website. It’s very vital to create contents that your possible clients would read and eventually lead to sales as it aims for your website to rank up to the top in search engines like google. However, it may not be easy as it may seem. You have to hire a SEO consultant in order to save your time, effort and energy.


10.  It would increase the credibility of your brand

Whatever business you are in, people would look at the website that you have, they would judge you on how legit your business is. In this time of age that information could be easily obtained, it would be a major plus if your website ranks high compared to your competitors.


9. Consumers search first before purchasing an item

Did you know that 81% of shoppers research first before making a purchase? That is according to a study by GE Capital Retail bank. Being in the first page of search engine gives the best chance for your website to be opened.


8. 64% of website visits are from organic reach

Organic reach came from people who go to visit your website through search engines without you paying the search engine. SEO is very vital and money efficient because of this. If your business website ranks high then there would be a big chance for you not to spend more money in it.


7. SEO is more cost-efficient compared to Social Media

Yes, you read that right. Spending your budget in Search Engine Optimization could save you lots of money. Once your website is SEO optimized, you might not need to spend more money compared to social media wherein you have to continuously spend money and effort creating contents.

6. SEO is the top-choice of every marketers

Aside from it being cost-efficient, every marketers prefers to use SEO in order to drive their sales. In fact, the 2015 state of marketing report states that 66% of marketers who used Search Engine Optimization rated SEO as very effective.

5. To improve the user experience

Your user experience is very vital in your branding. If possible consumers would be visiting your website, it must be attractive for them to stay. Having a consultant who has an expertise on this would eventually turn into profits.

4. To get new ideas and perspective

Having an expert to guide you in your SEO could relieve you from the stress you’ll be having on figuring SEO on your own. Not only it would relieve you from the possible stress but your consultant would give you fresh new ideas. Remember that your consultants have vast experience and you could leverage it through applying it in your own.

3. SEO Consultant would help you drive your sales

Of course, hiring an outsider in your business would cost you money but you have to understand that they would have the same goals as you do: To increase the sales. SEO Consultants would do everything in order for your company to grow. Remember that their name is on the line when you hired them and you have to be confident that working with them make wonders for your company.

2. To overcome internal conflicts

As a team, sometimes it’s best to hire someone outside of your team to avoid conflicts within the group. Hiring a SEO Consultant would give you that unique advantage. You could focus on the direction of your organization rather than spending it to a complicated matters like SEO

1. To save your precious time


Your time is your most valuable asset and it is something that you can never get back. Instead of you spending it to figuring out how to have the best SEO, why not leave it to the experts? In reality, you live a sick person to doctors, don’t you?


This ten compelling reasons why you need to hire SEO consultant does not stop from this list. There are more reasons why but the bottomline is spending your money in SEO could be your most precious investment.


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