Recently, a beach club in Siargao was under fire because of their post regarding influencers.

Help out there.
We are receiving many messages regarding collaborations with influencers, Instagram influencers.
We kindly would like to announce that White Banana is not interested to “collaborate” with self-proclaimed “influencers”.
And we would like to suggest to try another way to eat, drink, or sleep for free.
Or try to actually work. – White Banana Beach Club

Many have shared their sentiments about the so-called “Influencers”. Some pointing out that these influencers are freeloaders and just wanted to get foods, accommodation, and products for free.


Photo credit to Juliene Ebreo of The Shutter Girl

Known influencer marketing website states that influencers are “individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience.”

Now the question is, do your brand need an influencer? Here are the 5 compelling reasons why you should talk to a micro influencer now:


5. They could create content for you



Admit it, hiring someone to create content is costly. You’d be needing a videographer or a photographer, editor, content writer and of course a model. The price of four can be done by one.

Here’s an example content by Food Vloggers who charge their clients for P3,000 for the same day video capture and edit.



4. They have followers



Creating content alone could be costly, how much more to spread your message? That’s why it’s very strategic for business to work with influencers since they have followers already. Influencers gave brands a certain advantage.


3. They produce authentic contents



People nowadays want something real. They are getting smarter and would often overlook at what TV commercials say. They now ask for the opinion of people who truly uses the product and not those who are paid to give a good impression of the product.


2. They are marketing experts



For them to be able to sell themselves means that they could also sell whatever you want them to sell. Influencers are an underrated bunch of individuals who are worthy of the brand’s attention. Working with them means an added marketing person to your team.

1. They could move your sales



We are not talking about short term here, we are thinking of the future. Influencers contents can give your brand a sales push. They are like lands, once you invest in them, their value grows over time.


If you want to work with influencers, you might be interested to work with Millennials United. The premier group of Millennial Influencers in the Philippines. They have a monthly content creation camp and you might want to support them.


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