Have you heard about Alibaba?

The very first time I heard about it was when I am looking for a supplier source for Powerbanks. When I first downloaded the app, that night, I can’t really sleep. I had a eureka moment wherein I felt that this is the perfect platform for every entrepreneurs.


What is Alibaba?


Alibaba was founded by former teacher, Jack Ma, with a goal of bring jobs to China. He realized that they have the best and cheapest manufacturing cost in the world and yet they are not getting the demand that they should be getting. He then began to start Alibaba which aims to connect manufacturers to the rest of the world.


Today, Alibaba is the biggest business to business platform in the entire world. As an entrepreneur, my knowledge is really influenced by Jack Ma. In fact, whenever I start something, I always pattern it to how Jack Ma has built Alibaba and this post is not an exception.


I saw a big opportunity in Alibaba



As someone who regularly outsource products from Alibaba, I can sense that they haven’t reached their full potential yet. If you are an Entrepreneur outside of China, you can say that marketing without the world’s top marketing platform is definitely mind boggling.


What if they have access to those?






Mr. PJ Entrepreneur constantly reminds me of how great manufacturing is in China, In fact, I’ll be going there this coming Nov. 21-23 to attend the Carton Fair. But this time, I’d be going there with a purpose. I would be introducing a platform that I believe would help both the Chinese Manufacturers and Filipino Market (eventually the world)




I would call it Qnected, from the word Connect, which means to bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established. It would be the very first platform that would introduce the “co-office” idea to Chinese Manufacturers.


Here are the problem of Chinese Manufacturers that I would like to solve


1. Marketing through Social Media they don’t have an access of

If you are going to ask the manufacturers, of course they would want to access the marketing platforms I have discussed above, It’s just that they don’t have access to it. Qnected would help those manufacturers to be ahead of the competition and reach out to the rest of the world.


2. Faster distribution of Product Samples

If you are a Filipino wanting to order at Alibaba for sample product, It usually takes more than a week to get samples that you want. However, If they have an “office space” here in the Philippines, we could deliver the samples in Metro Manila even in less than 3 hours.


Chinese Manufacturers could also take advantage that more and more Filipinos wanted to outsource products from China, having an office here would definitely be an advantage.

3. English Speaking Sales Agents

English is the primary language of Filipinos and hiring Qnected as marketing partner would definitely be a plus.

4. Cost Savings

Aside from the advantage of partnering with our team, It would cut their costs since this would be a co-office space, they would be sharing the costing to other manufacturers thus we wouldn’t charge that big amount of money.


Here are the services to offer:



Please take note that services starts at 3,500 RMB but for our first 20 clients we would be giving a month free. Here are the type of packages.



Important Message to Chinese Manufacturers


Please take note that our team would be going to China a month from now, we are looking to partner with the first 20 manufacturers for this project with a discount. If you are interested to be one, please sign up below for further discussions:




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