For my 25 years of existence, I’ve had a fair share of extreme experiences. I’ve experienced some victories and definitely a lot of failures. Right now, I’m enjoying the process of finding what I really want in life. Just last month, I tried to become a writer in Manila Bulletin and it was an unforgettable experience.

I entered new world, met new friends and experienced new things. Everything was new to me and I’ll be forever thankful to my mentors Ms. Pinky Colmenares and Ms. Ria Fernandez for giving their valuable time in teaching me how to be a journalist.

However, along my journey of becoming a journalist, I realized that I’m more interested in telling stories of people. Of sharing to the world what they’ve been through and what are the key takeaways from their story. Unfortunately, this stories are for books and not for the newspaper that we read everyday.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful to God that in spite of all my failures, He continuously give me the grace to continue the race. I’m now writing the book “Takeaways” for full time with the support of Xend Corporation, which I’ll be having a meeting again tomorrow.

What’s next for Vlogpreneur?

Just like what I envisioned this platform to be, I want Vlogpreneur to be an avenue of hope for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business, wanting to start a business again and wanting to grow their business.

I would like to help brands thrive by creating videos that tells their story. I want to focus on creating videos that could catch my viewers attention.




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