As an entrepreneur, It’s everyone’s dream to be a global brand. However, that dream entails a lot of hard work and patience to come to life. Would you believe that it is not the case today?



When I first talked to Mr. Neptune Factor of EcFuilfill, I was so amazed with the vision of their company. Their goal is to help Filipinos sell at Amazon, the world’s leading ecommerce site.


I am particularly amazed with this three things:

(1) Filipino entrepreneurs can now sell product at US!

Imagine our 3.4 million kababayans in the US tasting “Bagoong”, “Peanut brittle”, Pickled Mango and other Filipino foods? They wouldn’t miss the Philippines that much!

(2) P10,000 set up fee and you are good to go!

This is the part I’m most shocked. EcFulfill only charges P10,000 for your complete set-up. It would take about a month to set-up and you could already enjoy selling overseas!


(3) EcFulfill founders have the heart to help

Of course, the founders would want to earn that’s why they built the platform. However, their heart is into helping entrepreneurs thrive in Amazon platform. They even provide training sessions for would-be sellers.


Click their website for more details

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