Let’s face it, everyone needs cash! People work everyday just to get enough cash to buy their necessities. However, cash may not be available all the time especially if we don’t know how to handle it. With bills to pay and a lot of things to think about, how would you think you would raise cash in a short period of time?

The answer is simple. Why don’t you sell things you are not using?

Carousell x Xend PR Photo


You can actually sell it online through the Carousell app, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing classified market place that makes selling as easy as ABC , just take photos of the products that you are not anymore using, post it in the app and the buyer would contact you through chatting. Easy right?

But how are you going to deliver it?

Xend, the country’s leading e-commerce logistics firm since 2004 partnered with Carousell app to deliver your second-hand belongings right at the door of your buyer.




Jamie Lee, Carousell’s Senior Manager for Growth Markets pointed out that the partnership deal allows the platform – now with 158 million listings across 7 markets – to enrich the experience of its Philippine-based users and better engage them through a strong logistics partner of choice.

Xend Founder & CEO Bjorn Pardo meanwhile said that they are thrilled to forge this partnership as it allows both players to step-up their game in the e-commerce space at scale.

“The Philippine e-commerce landscape has fundamentally evolved. Sellers and shoppers are now more discerning and adoptive of coherent, frictionless experiences. This collaboration enables us to consolidate the mobile commerce segment and mobilize each others’ resources towards more customer-centric solutions,” said Pardo.

DSCF4735.JPGWith over 9.5 million listings on the Philippines marketplace, fashion and beauty remain as the most popular categories among its users in the Philippines. Xend, on its part, has already breached the 25 million mark for deliveries locally and abroad, and is known for its close to 500,000 user-base, Asia Pacific’s first Facebook Messenger booking bot, and a 6,000-strong integrated land and sea logistics network with PhilTranco, FastCat, Jam Liner, Ceres, and Quick Reliable.

How to start selling

(1) Download the Carousell App or Open the it in web

(2) Take photos of the items that you’re selling and upload it in the platform

  • You could sell your gadgets, used clothes, textbooks and a lot more. Think of the platform as an online garage.

(3) Once you have an agreement with your buyer, Xend would deliver the item for you for as low as P39




Unbias take 

As an online seller, I’ve tried selling through the Xend delivery platform and we had an overall good experience with the company. Don’t get fooled with the comments on their Facebook pages or twitter accounts, every logistics company have that actually. Stakeholders who are satisfied with the logistics company NEVER post about how good their services are but would post if there is something wrong.

PS: This is not a paid post.


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