If there are fast food available, why is there no fast life lessons? Why do people have to experience a lot of failures in order to learn when it fact there are people who have experienced it already?

With the Brand Healer.

Being a businessman, I grew up wanting to know the stories of Entrepreneurs I look up to. If normal kid have superman as their hero, I have Bill Gates, Henry Sy Sr., and the late Steve Jobs. In fact, I studied and graduated from FEU because I want to get the same education my idol entrep had, Mr. Henry Sy, Sr.

But like everyone else, I’ve experienced a lot of failures along the way. I doubted myself if I could still continue becoming a businessman despite of the blunders I’ve done.

Until I attended a one on one mentorship program of Go Negosyo. What struck me the most is the story of failure of my mentor during that time.

Ako nga nabaon ako sa P50 milyon na utang, pero dahil dun naging matibay ako at nakabangon. The amount of the failure you’ve overcome is your worth.

He now owns a real estate business.

See? You can’t see a book that has that content. In fact, majority of the books show the success of people but not the way towards there. Definitely not highlighting the failures they’ve overcome along the way.

Having this thoughts made me realize a thing. This could be the book that I could write and this year I’m challenging myself to become a better writer. In fact, I’m currently employed at Manila Bulletin as editorial trainee.

The book is entitled, Takeaways.

Disclaimer: John Maxwell didn’t comment that. I’m just attracting that Maxwell would soon read this book.


Correction: This is not just a book.

This is a social movement that aims to encourage everyone to learn from all the people that they would meet and ask the following questions:

  • What’s the biggest lesson we could learn from you?
  • What failures in the past that you don’t want others to repeat?
  • What particular failure/s that you had that pushed you to move forward?
  • Who influenced you the most?
  • And etc.

The book would include a notebook called Takeaway Notes, that encourages everyone to learn from 100 people or more and get the chance to be part of the next book or the online website featuring all the takeaways.

Imagine everyone of us learning from each other?

It’s going to be the first interactive book. I’m planning to release it this December, 2018. In the Philippines and in United States (through Amazon)


If you are interested to be part of this project, I’m looking for the following:

  • Publisher of the book
  • Sponsors
  • Graphic Artist
  • Editor


Please email me at emmanllego@gmail.com if you are willing to be part of this program 🙂


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