Last April 24, 2018 we went to Mabini, Batangas to visit Masasa beach. We are very fortunate since they are also celebrating their 100 years anniversary.

Mabini Batangas is known for its diving resorts and beaches. However, one of the highlights of our trip was not only the beach but the restaurant that our local friend brought us, The OMG Olvida and Myra’s grill

It’s located at Brgy. Solo, Mabini Batangas, near Camp Netanya.

It’s a place good for families, barkadas and even partners. We had a great time talking about life while eating their very delicious and affordable food.

I ordered their Unli-rice Filipino Tapa (worth 65 php) and I must say it is the best tapa I’ve ever tasted in my 24 years of existence.

Imagine eating a delicious food with this kind of view? A view overlooking anilao beach.

A w e s o m e.

Plus: They have a really friendly staff who are not afraid to talk and joke with their customers.

All in all, I would surely go back to this place! In fact, we came back the next day after eating dinner here.

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