Do you want to monetize everything you post on your social media account in the most fastest and legit way? If you do, please read on.

What if you could resell products even without you buying it?

What if you could get commission by just referring a particular product that you used?

And What if you were able to use your influence to have money?

Your questions all have answers. And that is Rebenta PH.


Rebenta is the newest e-commerce platform in the Philippines. The goal of the app is to give opportunities to people who uses social media. There are more than 40 million Filipino Social Media users, but the question is, how many get money from it?


I had the enviable task of interviewing the man behind it, sir JD, he also is the man behind The Blackmarket Marketing, the one who handles Philippines’ most famous social media accounts like Basilio, Tee radio, So lit and many more.


Watch this video to learn about Rebenta: 


If you still can’t understand the concept of Rebenta PH, think of it this way.

In this set up, we have three major characters. Let’s call them si Aida, si Lorna at si Fe.

To put it simply, think of the story of this three friends who have combined their efforts and skills to make something out of nothing. This is their background:

Aida is good in managing a business. She always makes sure that the buyers could receive the products on time, she provides extra service to the buyers and is the manager of the business. However, she doesn’t have the influence and the products to sell.

Lorna, on the other hand, have a capital and would like to sell its own products. She sells different products and would love to have more sales. However, she doesn’t have the influence and management skills to sell it.

Fe, the last girl in the team is the most influential of the three, people follow whatever she does. She is like the celebrity of the group.

Until one unfortunate day, Fe’s mother was diagnosed with a leukemia and she has to be treated as soon as possible. She doesn’t have anything and she has consulted her friends if what they should do and they decided to combine their efforts to save Fe’s mom.


Aida represents the Rebenta platform. The task of Aida is to make sure that the business is doing well. She receive and remits the sales to Lorna and make sure that Fe would get her commission. She make sure that the website is working and that the products are being delivered.

Lorna represents the Merchants. The task of Lorna is to produce products and sell it through Aida and Fe’s help. Lorna’s goal is to deliver the products straight to the customers through various services provided by Aida.

Who could be Lorna? It could be any business that would want to have more sales for their business.

Fe represents the Resellers,  The task of Fe is to help Lorna sell. She would use her influence to make a sale. She doesn’t have to do anything aside from posting in the social media that she has to save her mom from Leukemia and sell products made by Lorna and that Aida would oversee the transactions.


Who could be Fe? Anyone who has an influence in the social media.  Perfect for this are Influencers, Sellers, OFW who needs extra income, Facebook page owners, Student Leaders and etc.



Bottom line is: This e-commerce system fits our culture of Bayanihan. If for example this  case was really true, I bet everyone would buy the products being sold by Fe. Finally, there is a worldclass e-commerce system that is Filipino made.


For inquiries just comment your email below or message us at Rebenta PH Facebook Page.

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