We might know the owners or founders behind a business that we look up to, but do you know the story behind your favorite businessman? Do you know the ALL of them experienced failures? And majority of them started from the scratch.

In this portion of our blog, we would feature businessmen who started small but eventually ended up big. All big companies started out as Micro companies. If you are a start up company, this is the best thing you should instill into your mind.

You’ll have your time.

Here are the five facts about the start of Henry Sy as a businessman.


  1. He started as a sari-sari store vendor


Who would have thought the Philippine’s king of retail started as a sari-sari store vendor?



2. He is a bold risk-taker


Henry Sy took bold moves while building His empire. In an interview, He decided to build SM North Edsa with a gut feel that it will soon be a center of shopping in the area. And true enough, it happened.

3. He is very humble person (based on personal recount)


10 years ago, I met Henry Sy at SM Supermarket checking if there are stocks in the mall. He saw that one stall has spaces left and he ask the merchandiser to fill it up. I can never forget how humble he is in person. Imagine, a billionaire casually talks to his employees? He is personally checking the operations of his business. Truly, He is passionate about his business.


4. He is a visionary

Sy envisioned that one day Philippines would be needing a steady supplier of shoes. Majority of Sy;s business currently came from his vision.

5. He is a generous Philantrophist

Sy now focuses on giving back, he already resigned from his post as chairman of SM Investments Corporation.




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